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Age of Conan Quests - I

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NameStarting ZoneLevelRewards
Ill Will And A Last Meal - I. No Honor Among ThievesKhopsef Province23
Ill Will And A Last Meal - II. Blood and WineKhopsef Province22
Ill Will And A Last Meal - III. Jewels of the DesertKhopsef Province241382 Coins, 4400 XP, Jewels
Illuminating the Darkness - I. Scared of the DarkWild Lands of Zelata20
Immortal Acheron - I. The Ruined CityWild Lands of Zelata38
Immortal Acheron - II.Sanctum of the Burning Souls388615 Coins, 12000 XP, Spellbane Mantle
An Impending Attack - I. Beheading the BattlemasterConall's Valley23
In Defense of Beauty - I. The Three BladesArmsman's Tavern44
In the Service of King Conan - I. Battle Upon the Stone of ShameCastle of King Conan69
In the Service of King Conan - II. Aid in Escaping a Cold PrisonAztel's Approach6956120 Coins, 48988 XP, Recruit's Agility, Recruit's Intellect, Recruit's Strength
Intercepting the Messenger - I. Ymir's Pass60
Intercepting the Messenger - II. Short on TimeYmir's Pass6032721 Coins, 30186 XP, Bellona's Reply
Internal Allies - I. Imprisoned BanditsAztel's Approach70
Internal Allies - II. An Ally in the RanksAztel's Approach6970315 Coins, 61685
Into the Breach - I. Fire and FlintEiglophian Mountains50
Into the Breach - II. Fire in the HoleEiglophian Mountains50
Into the Breach - III. Destruction CompleteEiglophian Mountains5013357 Coins, 13903
Into the Dark Woods - I. Gathering Human RemainsField of the Dead48
Into the Dark Woods - II. Helping Lachlan484813111 Coins, 14760 XP, Woodwarden's Cloak
Into the Fire - I. Thinning the Hyperborean RanksEiglophian Mountains58
Into the Fire - II. Reaping the RewardEiglophian Mountains6030085 Coins, 27278 XP, Pilgrim's Headband, Pilgrim's Headdress, Pilgrim's Helmet, Pilgrim's Leather Helm
Invaders From Afar - I. The Gurnakhi InvadersEiglophian Mountains55
Invaders From Afar - II. A Dozen LessEiglophian Mountains5525067 Coins, 23559 XP, Intruding Blade, Invading Dagger
Invading Mercenaries - I. Falco of the Black DragonsTarantia Noble District60
Invading Mercenaries - I. Falco of the Black DragonsTarantia Noble District6033721 Coins, 30156
Invading the Supply Camp - I. Invasion and DestructionConall's Valley24