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Age of Conan Objects

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Acheronian RuinsZone EntranceThunder River
Acheronian Standing StonesQuest ObjectAcheronian Ruins
Altar of SetQuest ObjectKhopsef Province
Animal CageObjectAztel's Approach
Aquilonian EndZone EntrancePoitain
Aquilonian PalisadesPoint of InterestThunder River
Aquilonian TownPoint of InterestThunder River
Aquilonian TradepostPoint of InterestConarch Village
Arcane RelicQuest ObjectEiglophian Mountains
Archeronian ChestQuest ObjectTortage Beach
Archeronian GateQuest ObjectTortage Beach
Arlen's Flint and SteelQuest ObjectEiglophian Mountains
Armour DisplayQuest ObjectTarantia Noble District
Armsman's TavernZone EntranceTarantia Noble District
Ash TreeResourceKhopsef Province, Lacheish Plains, Purple Lotus Swamp, Poitain, Wild Lands of Zelata, Imirian Ravine
AvalanchePoint of InterestAztel's Approach
AvitonQuest NPCTarantia Noble District
Aztel Bandit CratesQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Aztel OutpostPoint of InterestAztel's Approach
Aztel's ApproachZone EntranceLacheish Plains
Aztel's FortressPoint of InterestAztel's Approach
Backdraft the VentsQuest GoalKheshatta
Barrel of Water (TR)Quest ObjectThunder River
BarricadeQuest ObjectTarantia Noble District
Basalt RockResourceLacheish Plains, Poitain, Purple Lotus Swamp, Aztel's Approach, Thunder River
Battered HeadQuest ObjectThunder River
BattlekeepPoint of InterestBorder to Kush, Cimmerian End, Aquilonian End
BitterspurgeQuest ObjectKhopsef Province
Black CastleZone EntranceKhopsef Province
Black Dragon BarracksPoint of InterestTarantia Noble District
Black Dragon BarracksPoint of InterestTarantia Noble District
Black Dragon Soldier FootlockerQuest ObjectTarantia Noble District
Black LotusQuest ObjectBlessed Caves
Black Ring CitadelPoint of InterestKheshatta
Black Ring ExplorersPoint of InterestKheshatta
Black ToadstoolQuest ObjectThe Main System
Blankets and BedrollsQuest ObjectConall's Valley
Blessed CavesPoint of InterestKhopsef Province
Blood Rite SubterrainZone EntranceThunder River
Bloodied HeadQuest ObjectThunder River
Bloodied SpearQuest StarterConall's Valley
Boat to White Sands IsleQuest ObjectCity of Tortage, City of Tortage - Night
Border Kingdom, Cimmerian EndZone EntranceLacheish Plains
Border to KushZone EntrancePurple Lotus Swamp
Bottles of Rum and WineQuest ObjectWhite Sands Isle
Brandoc VillagePoint of InterestLacheish Plains
Bridge of BloodPoint of InterestAztel's Approach
Bridge to the Noble DistrictPoint of InterestOld Tarantia
Bubshur HouseZone EntranceKhopsef Province
CactusQuest ObjectKhopsef Province
Caenna VillagePoint of InterestPoitain
Cannibal CaveZone EntranceEiglophian Mountains
Capture the RavenQuest GoalEiglophian Mountains
Caravan Raider CampZone EntranceKheshatta
Caravan SuppliesQuest ObjectKhopsef Province
CaravanseraiPoint of InterestKhopsef Province
Cast the Powder onto the FireQuest GoalWild Lands of Zelata
Castle ApproachPoint of InterestTarantia Noble District
Castle of King ConanZone EntranceTarantia Noble District
Check the Destroyed CaravanQuest GoalKheshatta
Chest of RumQuest ObjectKhopsef Province
Children's ToyboxQuest ObjectWild Lands of Zelata
Chill Crawler EggQuest ObjectAztel's Approach
Cimmerian Blue SteelQuest ObjectTortage Underhalls Day
Cimmerian MarketplacePoint of InterestConarch Village
Clan Conarch TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Dal Claidh TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Galla TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Lacheish TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Maran TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Maugh TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Moragh TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Nactha TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Raeda TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Taur TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Clan Tunog TotemQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Climb the VolcanoQuest GoalTortage Volcano
Climb to the Raven's NestQuest GoalEiglophian Mountains
CoconutQuest ObjectWhite Sands Isle
CocoonObjectSpider Caverns
Collapse Chill Crawler TunnelsQuest GoalAztel's Approach
Collect a Lotus Flower from Mithrelle's GardenQuest GoalCity of Tortage - Night
Collect Dusty Wine BottlesQuest GoalTortage Beach
Collect Helvenia's HerbsQuest GoalThunder River
Collect Kronor's LedgerQuest GoalAztel's Approach
Collect Macrolepis BrushQuest GoalKheshatta
Commentaries on the Bright Path ScrollsQuest ObjectSeadog Mansion
Conarch Village EntranceZone EntranceConall's Valley
ContrabandQuest ObjectWild Lands of Zelata
Copper NodeResourceKhopsef Province, Lacheish Plains, Poitain, Purple Lotus Swamp, Border to Kush
Corpse of a CourierQuest ObjectKheshatta
Corrupted WellQuest ObjectThunder River
Cotton ShrubResourceKhopsef Province, Lacheish Plains, Poitain, Purple Lotus Swamp
CraneQuest ObjectCity of Tortage
CrateQuest ObjectField of the Dead
Crate of Scorpion StingersObjectAztel's Approach
Crate of SteelQuest ObjectCity of Tortage
Crawling DunesPoint of InterestKheshatta
Croc CavesPoint of InterestThunder River
Crom's RockPoint of InterestLacheish Plains