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Age of Conan Gauntlets of Baleful Blood

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Gauntlets of Baleful Blood

Item TypeHeavy Armor
RequirementLevel 80
Wear LocationHands
Item LimitationsNot Tradable
Modifications+4.8 Defense Rating
+4.4 Defense Rating (Heroic)
+2 Knockback Rating
+0.4% Cold Invulnerability
+0.1% Slashing Invulnerability
+0.1% Piercing Invulnerability
+0.1% Crushing Invulnerability
+0.4% Fire Invulnerability
+0.4% Electrical Invulnerability
+0.4% Holy Invulnerability
+0.4% Unholy Invulnerability
+40 Taunt
+10 Strength
+12.4 One-Handed Edged Damage
+12.4 One-Handed Blunt Damage
+4.4 Attack Rating (Heroic)
+4.4 Magic Rating (Heroic)
+4.4 Resistance Rating (Heroic)
NameGauntlets of Baleful Blood
TypeHeavy Armor
Dropped BySeruah
ZoneBlack Ring Citadel


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