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Age of Conan Combos

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Armor Ripper IRanger15
Armor Ripper IIRanger40
Armor Ripper IIIRanger58
Batter Aside IConqueror17
Batter Aside IIConqueror32
Batter Aside IIIConqueror48
Batter Aside IVConqueror68
Bleeding Puncture IRanger5
Bleeding Puncture IIRanger36
Bleeding Puncture IIIRanger52
Bleeding Puncture IVRanger64
Blood For Aid IDark Templar7
Blood For Aid IIDark Templar20
Blood For Aid IIIDark Templar36
Blood For Aid IVDark Templar60
Blood For Aid VDark Templar76
Bloodbath IConqueror10
Bloodbath IIConqueror20
Bloodbath IIIConqueror28
Bloodbath IVConqueror44
Bloodbath VConqueror72
Bloodbath VIConqueror80
Bloody Hack IConqueror15
Bloody Hack IIConqueror36
Bloody Hack IIIConqueror40
Bloody Hack IVConqueror56
Bloody Hack VConqueror60
Bloody Hack VIConqueror68
Breach IConqueror13
Breach IIConqueror24
Breach IIIConqueror52
Breach IVConqueror76
Brutal Enraging Strike IConqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian7, 7, 7
Brutal Enraging Strike IIConqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian13, 13, 13
Brutal Enraging Strike IIIConqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian17, 17, 17
Brutal Enraging Wound IConqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian15, 15, 15
Burn to Death IHerald of Xotli15
Burn to Death IIHerald of Xotli28
Burn to Death IIIHerald of Xotli44
Burn to Death IVHerald of Xotli60
Burn to Death VHerald of Xotli72
Butcher IBarbarian7
Butcher IIBarbarian20
Butcher IIIBarbarian28
Butcher IVBarbarian36
Butcher IXBarbarian76
Butcher VBarbarian40
Butcher VIBarbarian52
Butcher VIIBarbarian60
Butcher VIIIBarbarian65
Butcher XBarbarian80
Censuring StrikeBear Shaman5
Censuring Strike IIBear Shaman11
Censuring Strike IIIBear Shaman17
Clobber IBarbarian15
Clobber IIBarbarian24
Clobber IIIBarbarian56
Clobber IVBarbarian72
Counterstrike IGuardian15
Counterstrike IIGuardian24
Counterstrike IIIGuardian48
Counterstrike IVGuardian72
Cripple EnemiesRanger70
Crippling Snipe IRanger28
Crippling Snipe IIRanger60
Crush ArmorBear Shaman7
Crush Armor IIBear Shaman20
Crush Armor IIIBear Shaman48
Crush Armor IVBear Shaman80
Cunning StrikeAssassin, Barbarian, Ranger5, 5, 5
Cunning Strike IIAssassin, Barbarian, Ranger7, 7, 7
Cunning Strike IIIAssassin, Barbarian, Ranger11, 11, 11
Cunning Strike IVAssassin, Barbarian, Ranger13, 13, 13
Cunning Strike VAssassin, Barbarian, Ranger17, 17, 17
Cunning Strike VIAssassin, Barbarian, Ranger19, 19, 19
Cyclone of Steel IBarbarian10
Cyclone of Steel IIBarbarian20
Cyclone of Steel IIIBarbarian28
Cyclone of Steel IVBarbarian36
Cyclone of Steel IXBarbarian72
Cyclone of Steel VBarbarian44
Cyclone of Steel VIBarbarian52
Cyclone of Steel VIIBarbarian56
Cyclone of Steel VIIIBarbarian68
Cyclone of Steel XBarbarian80
Disable IGuardian32
Disable IIGuardian60
Disable IIIGuardian76
Dulling Blow IGuardian7
Dulling Blow IIGuardian20
Dulling Blow IIIGuardian40
Dulling Blow IVGuardian64
Enraging Strike IConqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian5, 5, 5
Enraging Wound IConqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian9, 9, 9
Feint Attack IConqueror7
Feint Attack IIConqueror20
Feint Attack IIIConqueror28
Feint Attack IVConqueror44
Feint Attack VConqueror56