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Age of Conan Affixes

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AlgidIncreases Cold Invulnerability.
ArcingAdds a chance to do instant Electrical damage upon damaging target
BanefulIncreases Unholy Damage (magic).
BrutalIncreases Fatality Chance.
ConcussantIncreases Two-Handed Blunt Damage.
CorruptiveHas a chance to deal unholy damage on attacker when you are damaged.
DefilingAdds a chance to do instant Unholy damage upon damaging target
DeftIncreases your Dexterity.
DenseIncreases Piercing Invulnerability.
DestructiveIncreases melee Crushing damage.
DrainingTaps a percentage of Mana (magical) on strike
EnlighteningIncreases Intelligence.
EvisceratingIncreases Slashing Damage (ranged).
ExsanguinatingTaps a percentage of Health on strike.
FatiguingTaps a percentage of Stamina (magical) on a successful strike.
FlaringChance on Damage: Flaring Strike on Target (does fire damage)
FocusingIncreases Casting Concentration.
FortifyingIncreases Constitution.
FrenziedIncreases Offhand Chance.
FrostwroughtIncreases Cold Damage (melee)
GlacialIncreases cold damage.
GroundingIncreases Electrical Invulnerability.
ImbuedIncreases Max Mana.
InvigoratingIncreases Maximum Stamina.
LeechingTaps a percentage of Health on strike (magical)
MaleficIncreases Unholy Damage (melee)
MercifulIncreases Hate Reduction.
MightyIncreases Strength.
MockingIncreases Hate Generation.
NegatingIncreases Immunity.
NoxiousIncreases Poison Damage (melee)
Observer'sIncreases Perception.
PoisedIncreases Bow Damage
PuncturingIncreases Piercing Damage.
PurifyingIncreases Poison Invulnerability
QuenchingIncreases Fire Invulnerability.
RejuvenatingIncreases Natural Stamina Regen.
ReplenishingIncreases Natural Mana Regen.
ReplenishingIncreases Natural Mana Regen.
RepletiveIncreases Non Combat Mana Regen.
RetributiveIncreases Holy Damage (melee/ranged)
RevitalizingIncreases Non Combat Health Regen.
SacredIncreases Holy Damage (magic).
SacrosanctIncreases Unholy Invulnerability.
SagaciousIncreases your Wisdom.
SalubrousIncreases Non Combat Stamina Regen.
ScythingIncreases Two-Handed Edged Damage.
SearingAdds fire damage to Melee.
ShockingHas a chance to deal electrical damage on attacker when you are damaged.
SomaticIncreases Max Health.
SteadyIncreases Crossbow Damage.
StormforgedIncreases Electrical Damage (melee)
StupefyingAdds to the Tap Mana Percentage of a weapon.
TempestuousIncreases Electrical Damage.
TenaciousIncreases Slashing Invulnerability.
ThrashingIncreases One-Handed blunt Damage.
ThrustingIncreases Dagger Damage
Traveler'sIncreases Out of Combat movement speed.
UmbralIncreases Hiding.
UnhallowedIncreases Holy Invulnerability.
UnyieldingIncreases Crushing Invulnerability.
VexingGrants a bonus to your Taunt skill.
ViciousIncreases One-Handed Edged Damage.
ViolentIncreases Polearm Damage.
VitalicIncreases Natural Health Regen
WrathfulAdds a chance to do instant Holy damage upon damaging target